1. How long it takes to get SSL?

After you make the payment & provide your server details, SSL will be setup on your website within 1 day. For Premium SSL & Extended Validation SSL, 2-5 days are required.

2. Any pre-requisites to get SSL?

You must have login details of your website web server. One email from the same domain required(ex:admin@yourdomain.com). Your name, address, contact number. For Premium SSL & Extended Validation SSL, business legal documents are required.

3. Which SSL is suitable for me?

For most websites ‘Standard SSL’ is sufficient which verifies that you are the owner of the domain. Standard SSL can be installed even on shared server, shared ip servers if SNI is supported. If SNI is not supported on your server, you must purchase dedicated ip address from your hosting provider. If you need Organization validation, you can go for higher plans.

4. I need to make site code changes?

A few changes may be required. In hyperlinks, wherever ‘http’ is used, it must be replaced with ‘https’. For dynamic websites, it may be just a configuration change. For static websites, all links must be edited. Also in all web pages, no elements like graphics, video etc must be loaded from ‘http’ url.

5. Can I purchase the SSL for more than 1 year?

Yes, you can purchase for 1/2/3 years.

6. Who is the Certifying Authority of your SSL Certificates?

Our SSL Certificates are issued by Comodo SSL, a global trusted brand whos certificates works on all major browsers and devices.

7. What is $10,000.00 Warranty?

Warranty refers to the amount CA (Certifying Authority) pays out to your customers, should any of them incur loss due to a mis-issued certificate.

8. What is site trust seal?

A site trust seal is a visual stamp displayed on websites to communicate the security and trustworthiness of the website to their visitors. A Comodo SSL trust seal looks like this

Comodo Trusted Site Seal
9. What is Green address bar?

Green address bar with business name on your site is an immediate source of assurance for customers. As soon as they see the green bar, they know your site is secured. This is how it looks like in different browsers

10. This SSL works on my website sub domain also?

No. The Standard, Premium, EV SSL works with only www.yourdomain.com & yourdomain.com. It will not work on blog.yourdomain.com, customer.yourdomain.com etc. Contact us for pricing if you require unlimited sub domain SSL or multi-domain ssl.