90% of customers are worried about online security. Building trust with your visitors has never been more important.

Google, in their latest effort to ramp up security, has begun rolling out changes in its Chrome browser that will alert users when they are visiting any non-encrypted HTTP website. Formerly considered neutral, HTTP websites are now deemed not secure by the browser. If you’re a site owner, this can impact your site’s traffic and trustworthiness.

This latest maneuver by Google, in an effort to make the web a more secure place, highlights the responsibility of site owners to provide safe, secure browsing and online communication for their visitors. For users, it educates them on the risk of using non-HTTPS websites, particularly when collecting personal information.

In light of the recent Equifax hack, it is important for users to know their online communications and personal data are secure. And site owners should take measures to obtain a secure socket layer (SSL) certification and move to HTTPS.

Receiving this ‘Not Secure’ alert may be alarming to site visitors who are already skittish about web security, so if you own a website you should get to work implementing a SSL certificate for your website.